This is what it means to show up

This is what it means to show up.

People ask us all the time what they can do to help during deployment. And sometimes we are too busy, too tired, too stressed to know what to say, when the answer is actually easy: we just need you to show up.

It’s a hug at the end of a tough news cycle.

It’s wine the night we say goodbye to our spouse for the better part of a year, and then on random Wednesdays after the kids go to sleep just because.

It’s food on our doorstep, or an invite to dinner, or an offer to order pizza when you’re also too busy to cook.

It’s a night out when we need a laugh.

It’s a shoulder when we need a cry.

It’s a card that says “I know you feel like you’re failing, but you’re actually doing pretty great.”

It’s an offer to fix all the things that are broken.

It’s a text on a Sunday saying, “I know Sundays are hard. You okay?”

It’s mowing the lawn or taking out the trash or closing the trunk of the car when you see it’s open (again).

And it’s this. It is so this. It’s your neighbor (your best friend’s husband) taking your little girl (wearing her daddy necklace) to the father daughter dance at school so she doesn’t have to miss out.

Military spouses (and children) are strong and brave and resilient and all those things… and we’re human, and we’re vulnerable, and there’s nothing that means more to us than you showing up.

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