A once in a lifetime love

It’s a love story for the ages. It was 1941 when George Bush met Barbara Pierce at a Christmas dance. The teenagers got engaged, and George shipped off to war – – at the time, he was the youngest Navy pilot to get his wings of gold.

It was World War II – long before FaceTime or emails – and the loving couple faithfully wrote letters, anxiously awaiting George’s return. In September 1944, his plane was shot down over the Pacific. The other eight “flyboys” were captured and brutally killed, but George evaded the enemy and survived. His once in a lifetime love welcomed him home shortly after, and he and Barbara were married January 6, 1945.

Seventy three years of marriage, six children (including Robin who tragically passed away as a toddler from leukemia), immeasurable heartaches, unbelievable triumphs, and countless laughs and memories later, Barbara passed away earlier today. According to granddaughter Jenna, George would say, ‘I love you, Barbie’ every night, even at 93 years old.

Rest In Peace, Barbara Bush. Thank you for showing us military spouses strength, grace, and what it means to wait for your once in a lifetime love.

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