I thought being a Military Spouse would help my career…

After being asked, “What brought you to Guam,” I had no problem telling the interviewer it was because my husband was in the Navy. I was proud of his service. I thought if anything, being a military spouse would give me a leg up on the competition — after all, it showed my loyalty, flexibility, resilience — right?


He couldn’t get off the phone fast enough. “We’ll let you know,” he told me.  And I didn’t hear from him again.  This happens ALL.THE.TIME. in the military spouse community.

It’s why I was so honored yesterday to stand up with Senator Tim Kaine and speak about my experience as a military spouse as he introduced the Military Spouse Employment Act.  Hiring our heroes – and the ones who stand beside them, often at the cost of their own career – should be a no-brainer, and it’s a something, as a bi-partisan issue we can all get behind. This act is an important step in helping military spouses throughout the world find, and keep, meaningful employment. Contact your congressional leadership today and urge them to support Senator Kaine’s Military Spouse Employment Act when he introduces it this week.


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