My home is everywhere 

“I have long feared my daughters will be permanently scarred from a lifetime of impermanence. My middle one had to write about her hometown at school. This is what she wrote and I couldn’t be prouder. Military brats are amazing!”

Where I’m from
By S. Stobie

I am from the fort by the creek,
from Old Bay and Carvels.
I am from a tall brick home that faces the woods
Pretty and brand new
It felt like home
I am from the woods and the creek
From the tall trees that hid the ever flowing creek surrounded by frogs
I am from the birthday mornings and cross country road trips
From James and Kelly and Marie
I’m from movie quotes and the best cake in the neighborhood

I’m from Santa is real and Have fun storming the castle
I’m from Church on Sundays and a pink crystal rosary
I’m from New England
I’m from tacos and pizza
I’m from the car ride in a post office jeep that had no seatbelts
From the ambition and courage
I am from brains, brawn, athleticism, courage, extraordinary, and persistence.
I am from my home and my home is everywhere.

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