We are in this together

“I must say… I am always proud to be a military spouse, but there are some times that put the uniqueness of this group in full view. Right now, my husband, along with a lot of really amazing Naval Aviators, are being reviewed to determine if they will be selected for Command. The boards are meeting now. Results will be out in a matter of days.  

“But what amazes me is the group of spouses supporting these service members. These are women I am proud to call my friends. Some are pregnant and do not know if they will be forced to move with a new born, some are established business owners who may have to close up shop and begin again elsewhere. Some are in the middle of masters programs or their own careers. Some have small children who they will have to tell, yet again, ‘we are moving.’ They all have lives… that they will be forced to adjust, in some way or another, in a matter of days
“They will process the new reality (whether the results are the ones they hoped for or not). They will set plans in place to make quick and seamless changes in their lives, careers, children’s schools. They will prepare to leave a life behind and start anew. They will love their spouse and support them. They will reassure their spouse that they are in this together; good, bad or ugly. 

“They do this all with smiles on their faces and a tear on their cheek. They are strong, resilient, hard working women who plant roots quickly, make friends fast, dive in to new worlds head first and make it look easy. 

“So while we wait the news of our future (side note that I am really thankful that God is ultimately in charge here!) I am saying a prayer of thanks for the military spouses I call my friends. You will always bless and inspire me with your friendship and examples!”

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