He is the only thing I’m certain about 

“In 2012 I flew to Hawaii to spend Christmas break with my best friend while her husband was deployed. Her husband’s roommate in Afghanistan came home a week earlier than her husband and the two of them thought it would be fun to set us up on a date. 

“We fell in love over the last three days of my vacation. Throughout the next year we traveled back and forth between Florida and Hawaii, falling more in love during each trip. That August he took me to our favorite place on Oahu (Ka’ena Point) and proposed. 

“I graduated from nursing school 4 months later on December 12th and we were married 8 days after at a small ceremony in Texas, almost a year after the day we first met.

I told my best friend that I was going to marry him just a week after we met. ‘When you know, you know,’ as they say. 

He is the only thing in this world I am certain about. 4+ years later and I am more in love with him with every passing day.”

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