They’re living what we have all feared 

​On December 8, 2016, Jake Frederick made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. He was a Marine F/A-18 fighter pilot and was finishing up another long deployment when a mishap during a routine training flight took his life.

Left behind are his beautiful wife Kiley, three year old son and their baby daughter, who is due to be born in January. Kiley has served them all selflessly since their military journey began, sacrificing many things for their family while Jake proudly served. Today, Humans on the Homefront is asking – in this season of giving – that you donate to this family. Even the smallest amount tells this family “we care, we mourn with you and we support our military.”

The following was submitted by a close friend of the Frederick family:

“This is our life. We gather up our babies, put our strongest smiles on, and send our husbands off into the sky. We pray together, play together, and love together. We are a family. We have lost one of those men we sent off, a great one, and our hearts are broken. But most of all, hers is broken. She and her son are living what we have all feared. Her daughter will be born next month and will be so loved. But she’s lost her daddy. My sweet Kiley has lost her very best friend. I wish I could fix it for her. 

Please pray for their families. Just pray. May the Lord be glorified in all of this.” 
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