We just started our sixth deployment

“We met when I was sixteen. We became best friends and then it felt like all of a sudden we were married. His dad was in the Navy. I knew he wanted to join so I wasn’t surprised when he did. He would send letters from boot camp and one day he ended up at my doorstep. Here we are twenty years later.

“We’re extreme communicators. We can tell each other anything without feeling any negativity or judgment. We’re very blessed to be able to email, call, and text when we’re apart. I can’t imagine the life of a military spouse in the 40’s or 50’s. The internet and cell phones have vastly improved a military family’s quality of life. 

“We’ve been through five deployments and have recently started our sixth. Our boys are older now- they’re sixteen and seventeen- but when they were younger we did fun count downs and projects to pass the time. The boys loved United Through Reading which allowed their dad to read a bedtime story to them every night via a pre-taped video. As they get older, I find our lifestyle to be a little more difficult on them.  They watch the news. They see what’s going on in the world, and though they do not tend to voice their concerns I can see it in their faces. They have so much going on already with SATs and making decisions about their future; adding a deloyed dad to the mix is tough.

“We’ll do our best to explain the good and the bad if our sons choose to join the military. We definitely already talk about the importance of patriotism, selflessness, and serving others. I look at my husband and I’m so proud of him. He’s always had this sense of wanting to do his part and wanting to help when others physically or mentally couldn’t do the job. I think that a lot of men and women stay in the military out of some sort of philanthropic sense. Many military members joined to help the people of this country and their communities. They don’t care about your background, what you look like, if you’re friends or complete strangers. They want their lives to have meaning. They want to make a difference. And these men and women truly do make a difference. Our Military members will always have my love and respect. If our boys want to join too, they’ll have our support and if they don’t we’ll be just as happy for them.  Ultimately my husband and I feel that every person in this world should have the freedom to choose their own destiny and we’re willing to preserve that idea. That’s why we chose this life.”

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