I’m going to be a nurse 

“I wish I could go back and do school differently. I’ve been going to college now on and off for over ten years. My husband is in the Navy and we’ve moved eight times. I have credits from all over – Maryland, Colorado, Texas, Arizona. I’ve lost so many credits; some expired, some didn’t transfer. I’d get into a good routine and then we’d move. It feels like our story is ‘we’re not going to be here long enough.’ 

“I tried classes online, but my memory of that was sitting at the computer, trying to nurse our newborn and do homework, or trying to take a test during deployment with three kids all needing me. I just remember thinking ‘I can’t do this.’ I was studying computer networking but then I started volunteering and realized that what I really want to do is to be a nurse. I love taking care of people. I never knew that before, and had I finished school right away I might not have found that. I guess everything does really happen for a reason. 

“I wish I would have finished school right away, but I didn’t and now I’m okay with that. I’ve had all this time to be a mom and be home with my kids, and I don’t regret that. But now I’m ready; it’s finally the right time. I’m going to finish school and be a nurse. And I’m excited that now I get to take care of me too.”

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