You could save our son’s life. 

“We want to tell our story to encourage others to donate life, by registering to donate bone marrow. We will need a match to save our son.

“My husband and I met while we were both working in a restaurant. He’d always dreamed of being in the Marine Corps, so when he decided to go in, I supported him 100%. He is my rock. He has always been a great husband and father. We’ve been in the hospital now for 50 days with our 21 month old son, Justice, and throughout it all, my husband has been our strength. 

“We were on pre-deployment leave when we found the first unexplained bruise on my son. The doctor dismissed it as him being a toddler, but when we found a second suspicious one, I started getting concerned. It was mother’s intuition. We got home from leave on a Thursday, and the next day, June 3, everything changed. After Justice got up from a nap I was rubbing his back and found a new bruise and a lump on his spine. We went to the doctor’s later that afternoon, and were referred to a hospital where we were admitted almost immediately. It’s an aggressive form of leukemia. We thought we’d be in the hospital a couple of days, but we’ve been here ever since. It literally happened overnight. 

“Our life is within these four walls of the hospital now. Thank you isn’t a strong enough emotion. Our Marine Corps family has been amazing. They’ve cut our grass, they’ve brought us diapers, they’ve anticipated our needs. Going into the military lifestyle, you don’t know what you’re really getting into. You feel the sisterhood day to day, but in a crisis, you feel it so much more abundantly. We have become a family, and these relationships will last forever, through thick and thin.

“Justice is responding well to chemo. This round suppresses your immune system and also healthy bone marrow, so we are preparing for a bone marrow transplant in the future. Because of this, two of my friends, fellow Marine Corps spouses, have organized a drive in Cherry Point, North Carolina today through Be the Match. But you don’t have to live here to get swabbed. You can request a kit online, and all it takes is a quick cheek swab. There’s a 25% chance our 6 month old daughter, Annabelle, is a match. We want as many options as possible, but not just for us. We’ve met so many other families in the hospital here that are waiting for their transplant. You could save our son’s life. You could be the match. And if not his, someone else’s.

“Of course we’re scared. Some days are better than others, but we are a prayerful family. We really are blessed. Our daughter is the happiest baby and brings us so much joy when we’re struggling in the hospital. And our friends and family have an alarm set on their phones every day at 5:00pm, and we all stop what we’re doing to send up a little prayer for healing our boy. We’d love for you to pray with us; the more prayers the better. If you can make it to the drive today, or if you can request a kit, we’d appreciate that too – so much. And if there’s one thing I want to pass on, one thing I’ve learned through all this, it’s to hug your babies tight.” 
Information about today’s drive in NC is posted on our Facebook page 

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