Laughter makes every day better

“We were all talking about what we were going to wear for homecoming, and ‘how does this look,’ and ‘what about these shoes,’ and I kept thinking I didn’t have anything sexy to wear. So I decided I was going to dress up as a t-rex. Why not? 

“He’d been deployed six months, back for six months, and out again for another six. It’s like wax on, wax off. I’m a California girl out here in the boondocks on the east coast, so it does get lonely when he’s gone. He’s my entertainment committee; we’re constantly seeing who can be funnier. Normally, I’m the behind the scenes one, handling the props, making sure everything is in place. We do a big thing at Halloween that last year made our local news, and we’re doing it again next year to raise money for charity. I bought the t-rex costume awhile back mostly for my daughter to wear, but she wasn’t in town, so I felt like someone had to do it.

“Of course he didn’t expect me to show up at homecoming in a t-rex outfit, but when he saw the costume, he knew right away it was me in there. When I ran to him, I had the song ‘I will always love you’ playing in my head as a joke. He smiled when I got to him, and then I asked him if the costume made me look fat. It was so hot in that thing. The little fan does not work, by the way. I looked nice when I drove to base, but when I finally took it off I looked like I’d been beaten. 
“Humor is so important. I know it sounds cheesy, but if I can make one person smile, it’s a huge reward for me. Laughter isn’t going to solve the world’s problems, but it sure makes every day better.”

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