“I wish the Army would take me back”

13494910_572130192969263_3161911544528501365_n“I followed my brother into the Army. I was stationed at Fort Hood, in Texas. I was a radio operator, but the thing I loved to do the most was cook. I was a damn good cook. I loved to make meatloaf. Put that with some mashed potatoes and gravy… Nothing better!

“I did that for two years, and then I made a mistake. I went to Fort Leavenworth after that. After I did my time, I got out of the Army, and I’ve been homeless ever sense.

“I wish I could do it over. I would tell my younger self ‘get your high school diploma, get your education, and stay off the streets.’ I wish the Army would take me back; I would love to go back to the Army. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. But will you pray for me?”

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