You have to be willing to try

“My husband enlisted and immediately joined the Navy after graduating high school in 2001, and we have been married 12 years in July. We’ve lived in 5 states and been stationed at multiple duty stations. 

“In Texas, I served as the command ombudsman but I had never been involved in a Family Readiness Group (FRG) until we moved to our current command. My husband attached to a brand new ship, with no established support system for the families. When I found out there wasn’t an FRG, I volunteered my services to the Commanding Officer to see what I could do to help start one. With the nature of the command, I knew we would have a lot of young families and spouses, both new to the Navy and deployments.

“I consider myself a seasoned military spouse, and this has been the hardest, most aggressive schedule with the number of underways, short periods at home, and deployment. But with that, this FRG has given me some of the closest friends I’ve met in our 15 years of military service. We’ve been forced to grow together, encourage one another, and support each other. I know it’s not always the case to meet amazing friends through an FRG, but you have to put yourself out there, and be willing to try. 

“My friends from this FRG have loved my children like their own, we’ve laughed and cried together, and we will be friends long after this duty station. You just have to be willing to keep an open mind and try something new.”

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