I knew I was meant to be a mom

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“Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is something you’re born with. I was finally diagnosed in 2006 while stationed on Guam. In 2007, once in San Diego, I began infertility treatment through the Naval Medical Center of San Diego and I got pregnant immediately, with the first round of treatment. But at 10 weeks, I had a blighted ovum, and miscarried. Looking back, that actually hit pretty hard. I didn’t think it did at the time but it really did.

” In 2008, I went from taking fertility pills to doing injections, and then we were stationed back in Guam where I had to put everything on hold for at least 18 months. Instead of feeling stuck there, I wanted to make the most of it. I used the time to train and run a marathon, I went bungee jumping, and scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, and did all these things on my bucket list. Around that time, my husband and I talked about how maybe I wasn’t supposed to have kids. But I couldn’t believe that. I kept telling myself that ‘God knows my heart. He knows what I want.’ And then I thought that maybe my baby just wasn’t going to have my DNA. I started thinking about adopting and fostering. I knew I was meant to be a mom.

“When we left Guam, we went to a fertility clinic in Rhode Island. After the initial check in and beginning the first round of treatment, I went back three weeks later when it appeared the treatment was not working only to find out I was already 6 weeks pregnant. The initial pregnancy test had been wrong; I was pregnant without a single treatment. Immediately, we did the ultrasound and I heard a heartbeat and that is when I let myself believe it was really happening. She completes Pre-K in two weeks. God has blessed us with two daughters, almost exactly two years apart and our second little girl was conceived 100% with the help of infertility treatment. Trusting in God is what got me through the years of struggles.”


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